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 Jodie Briggs

Jodie Briggs

Meet THe Artist Behind Vintage Finishes

It all began with box of 64 Crayola Crayons when I was in Kindergarten. My love for color, art and creativity came alive and I soon learned that I was "better than average". Through my formative years, I spent my free time creating colorful pictures and riding my horse. These became my passions. I had three brothers who were always "fixing" something, and I often became the "runner". Not realizing it at the time, I learned another helpful skill - how to be handy. I was comfortable around tools and figuring out how to repair simple things. 

After several attempts in the field of art; studio art, art advertising, interior design at Iowa State and the U of M , I lost confidence in art as a viable career. It was many years later with a move from Minnesota to Arizona where art became my "job". After pairing up with a talented and hardworking neighbor gal, we created a very successful faux finishing and mural business, "Climbing the Walls". For almost 16 years we worked as an all women business, hiring another neighbor friend as our steady prep person. Although I loved transforming people's homes from plain to dramatic, it didn't leave me anytime to paint on canvas for myself. 

A move back to Minnesota eventually provided me the opportunity to do just that. Moving to the smaller, rural area of Cambridge/Isanti I sought out the local art community and became involved as an artist again. With my business background I eventually became the Director of Cambridge Center for the Arts. There I not only managed the functions of the center, but I became one of the instructors for the paint party classes. I enjoyed seeing the magic on people's faces when they realized they could successfully paint a picture with the right amount of instruction and a big boost in encouragement. I decided to take the paint party idea a step further and go out on my own, taking the party to the client. 

In the meantime, my love for interior design has always remained a part of my life and I have enjoyed creating new looks in my own home when I was not creating for clients. I have refinished cabinets, furniture, fireplace mantels, laid tile, stone and repurposed items. By looking for unique pieces and restoring them or giving them a new look, I continue to fulfill this passion.